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English writing jobs that pay well


Do you know writing can be a career by itself? Many people don’t believe this. Writers don’t acquire more money to make them wealthy by writing publishable books only. If you are an English writer you can earn a supplemental revenue though part time English writing jobs.

Some of the English writing jobs are:

  • Copywriter

The work of a copywriter can be done by anybody who is willing to. Copywriting only involves writing copies of an original writing, it also involves paraphrasing the original content to make it sound a bit different but same narrative technique is maintained all through. Copywriters deal with articles, blogs and website contents.

  • Proposal writer

A proposal writer has assess to his or her employer’s contract details and the work of a proposal writer is to write proposals to clients or other companies so that his or her employer can secure contracts. A proposal writer should be very persuasive so as to demonstrate that his or her employee can meet client’s requirements and needs.

  • Content marketer

If you choose this content marketer career then you spend most of your time writing perfect branded and detailed writings, blogs, articles and social media posts. This writings content must be talking about a particular business or a thing in the business.

  • Communications officer

A communication officer also does branding just like the content marketer but he or she has to know his or her employer’s marketing plans. This help him or her to write promotional content about what the employer is doing or investing at. Also a communication officer acts as his or her employer’s voice and so he or she has to writing in the voice the employer wants or prefers.

  • Advertising manager

Advertising is an important section in every business or company. That why businesses need advertising managers. The advertising manager writes plans for marketing. This plans helps graphic designers or videographers to create good content for advertising the business products. Graphic designers and videographers work together with advertising managers.

  • Reporter

A reporter is known to report news verbally but before that they need to collect the information and this is where writing comes in. they write down their research about some situations. Also they edit and proofread some information before been published.

  • Professor

A professor is known to lecture classes in universities but deep down this profession involves a lot of writing, they write down their teaching plans and some who perform researches about different scientific issues write down their findings. After the research they write proposals to secure funding for their projects and research. To become a professor you need a doctorate degree in some field especially the field they teach.

  • Public relations manager

This is much technical and involving, a public relation expert writes down speeches for political leaders or public figures. They also do press releases for them. They have to maintain a positive public image of the stuff the write. They also encourage other writers to write a positive writing about their bosses.


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