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Best Paying Online writing Jobs


Online writing has become a great source of income to many people, especially the youth.  It can be done on a full-time or part-time basis. If you are a committed person having the necessary skills, there are many opportunities available for the best paying online writing jobs.

Features of the best paying online writing jobs

There is a wide range of online writing jobs each with varied payment rates. However, some hiring companies use writers’ efforts with very minimal rewards. How can you differentiate hiring companies that have reasonable rewards towards your efforts? Here are some of the features of such companies:

  • Presence of orders on regular basis.

Orders are always available for online writers. One does not need to wait for long before tasks are uploaded. There is a variety of choices from which writers can select or bid on the tasks that suit them.

  • Payments are made on time as scheduled; for example after every fortnight.

The amount and mode of payment is clearly indicated for a specified job that is done.

  • As writers gain more experience, they are usually promoted to higher levels or stages with higher payment packages. This motivates writers do spend more time on their job.
  • Writers have a chance to bid on various options available and also communicate with clients for any clarification.
  • There exists a rating for both writers and those who want their writing jobs to be done. Both writers and those posting the jobs can be blacklisted if their rating is too low.

However, for one to get the best out of online jobs, they must be committed to their duties. They should have good typing speed and excellent research skills. They should also follow the instructions carefully

 Having the appropriate skills and self-discipline can enable a person to have greater payments from clients.

Examples online writing jobs

There is a wide range of opportunities for online jobs. It is advisable for one to venture into tasks that they are skilled at. Below are some of the jobs:

  • Freelance writing – this involves writing blogs, articles and Webcopy
  • Freelance editing and proofreading – it involves polishing the work before it is published.
  • Translation. However, with technological advancements, translation software has been adopted by some companies.
  • Transcription. This involves transcribing spoken notes into accurate text. The transcriber should be fluent and conversant with different accents of the languages involved
  • Blogging
  • Online surveys
  • Data entry and analysis

Finding a legitimate online writing job

There are many sites that claim to offer writing online jobs. Typing the word “online jobs” in any search engine will display hundreds of companies. Research shows that 90% of online job sites are scam. Therefore, it is essential to spot and avoid fake sites.

Genuine companies have a detailed website, working contact details and names of the owners. Contacts are well displayed and the physical location of the company is indicated.

In addition, the terms of contract should be well laid out, mode of payment and expected pay indicated. Fake sites promise huge outcomes for almost no job. They lure people into paying a subscription fee and start earning.

A legitimate site has clear a job description and they respond to all questions asked. They don’t request for confidential details and they perform a lot of background checks before hiring.

In conclusion, if you must have personal attributes like self-discipline, punctuality, hard work and commitment and you can carry out the assignments with diligence. There are various hiring websites which can be obtained on any search engine over the internet. You may try it out and land on a well-paying online writing job.


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