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10 ways to make money online remotely


There are numerous ways to make money online remotely.  This year has seen many jobs lost due to the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic worldwide. However, all is not lost since most of the roles that required physical presence are shifted online. You have to adjust and lift your job search to the internet. You realize that the workspace is not restricted to commuting to a particular location. Ways to make money online remotely are on the increase.

 10 ways to make money online remotely

The internet is fast becoming a diversified market place for opportunities to make money online. This reality has also is complemented by COVID 19 pandemic.  World Health Organization has recommended safety in social distance, thus retreat to work from home. The basics that you require to work remotely are a skill set relevant to your chosen sector, a computer, a reliable internet connection, email, and telephone. The skills you have will help to determine the suitable work to look for online. In this article, we will explore tested and top-ranking ten ways to make money online remotely.

  1. Regular Client support

The clients require support to answer their queries for them to remain loyal and guarantee you their patronage. The personnel assigned to support particular clients can accomplish this remotely. You can arrange a regular physical visit when the need arises.

  • General client servicing

It is a role that is replacing the receptionist job. Most of the jobs on offer online will require you to possess a minimum of a college certificate and skills in using the computer and telephone to address queries from the existing and prospective clients.

  • Coaching

Demand is on the rise for skilled personnel to teach languages, primary and secondary school syllabus, and many gaps that people require their knowledge refilled. You will need to organize content, and in some instances, the customers will provide their preferred outline. Coaching is no longer a preserve of mainstream teachers. However, choose topics you are well conversant and purpose to offer well-organized content.

  • Database updating

This role requires you to update a company’s database and, in some instances, organize the data for different uses.  Employer’s requirements vary, and therefore your unique qualifications will give you an added advantage.

  • Document transcription

This role entails listening to audio recordings and converting them to written versions. You will require to be certified and also be conversant with programs for transcribing. This skill will give you an advantage.

  • Writing

You will be required to display samples of work you have accomplished in the past to convince clients of the quality of writing.  Write-ups are also available for editing

  • Account and finance serving

This area requires personnel to undertake bookkeeping, tax returns completion, and accounting. You will be required to be qualified and poses experience.

  • Sales and marketing

It will require you to be knowledgeable about particular products or services to offer explanations and close sales.  Knowledge of using online resources and social media platforms will give you an advantage.

  • Medical records management

It will require you to update patient files and process their bills. It requires a high level of attention to detail and accurate input. There is no room for errors.

  1.  Information technology

It requires you to be conversant with computer technology. The opportunities are diverse. Among them are a software and website development, and support clients computer systems, hardware, and software.

Many physical office jobs are converting to roles to accomplish remotely. You will require an updated skill set to enhance your chances of making money online remotely. Remote demystifies location restriction, and therefore you have access to employers globally for as long as your knowledge, skills, and experience satisfy their requirements. The workplace has become global, and making money online at remote locations is the new normal.


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