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You want to earn instant money from home? Here is how


Work from home

Increasing cost of business premise rent and bus fare to work has made it harder to make money from the workplace. As a result, many people have resolved to working from home and are not regretting the decision. You want to earn instant money from home? Here is how.

Blog your bills away

The internet is flooded with opportunities to make money online. Most people, however, prefer blogging. While building traffic for a blog might take a while, it does pay well, eventually. Create a blog and build traffic with general topics of your choice. Once it is grown, your can use it as an advertisement platform and marketing endorsements. Blogging works same way with websites, and you can have them both running simultaneously.

Content create your money

Another notable way to make money from home is content creation. Also known as content writing, it involves creating articles to be used in websites and blogs, writing podcasts and video scripts and even creating specified content like social media posts. As a content writer, you can work as a freelance or you may be employed on contract to create articles for individuals or companies.


There are thousands of data companies seeking to conduct their surveys online. This has resulted in ever increasing numbers of surveying websites that pay you to take surveys for such companies. The pay varies with the websites. However, some websites offer more surveys than others so you might want to weigh the websites specifications and choose which one suits you best.

Note, though, that online surveys don’t pay as much as content creation or blogging. You should consider doing it alongside another online venture.

Like watching? Welcome to paradise

Believe it or not, there are websites out there that are dying to pay you to watch movie previews and specified online videos. These websites require you to watch videos for a specified duration of time and pay you per view. This gets even better as you can have the videos running while you make money in other ways like taking online surveys. All you have to do is find the websites, create accounts with them and start watching. Watch as you get paid.

Downloadable money

Instead of filling your phone with relatively useless applications, try the ones that pay you to install. Check your device’s application store for applications that makes you money for installing them. They are legit and free from harmful malware. Some of them even earn you more with each day they stay in your device.

Get paid to test websites

Just as chefs get paid to taste food, you get to test specific websites and their updates, then get paid. After each test, the testing website allows you to give reviews that will help the owners improve the product. Cool. Right?

The ways in which you can make money at home is vast. All you need is a good desk and chair, a computer, a good internet provider and, of course, a home sweet home.


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