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Simple Writing Jobs You Can Do From Home


Working from home involves being a freelancer which is basically an online or digital writer. You get your work from online writing sites and submit the same via emails or directly to their accounts. The client gets the submitted work and when your work meets the required standards, payment is made. There are a variety of simple writing jobs you can do from home and each job has its own price. In this article, we will explain how you can become an online writer and the jobs available for you to choose from.

Steps For Becoming an Online Writer

  1. Choose your area of expertise. You must decide what you are good at based on your past experiences and interests.
  2. Choose and Sign Up to a website. There is a good number of websites to select from. Sign up to the one which suits your needs. Create your profile, state your offers and upload any previous work you have.
  3. Choose your favorite packages and apply for jobs that interest you.
  4. When you start to get clients, do professional work and hand over your assignments on time.
  5. Ensure all your clients pay after delivery, and on time.
  6. Withdraw your earnings.
  7. Remember to collect positive testimonials from clients. This will help to build you prestige and get you more clients.

Online Jobs You Can Do From Home

Working online requires you to have a good command of the English language, have a fast internet connection, and be disciplined to deliver assignments on time. The following are some of the jobs available for writers.

  1. Blog Writing

This is the most popular and also the easiest to get frequent work. It requires you to incorporate provided keywords in your writing to give the work a favorable ranking in search engines attracting more readers. Blog writing leans more on controversies for entrepreneurs, brands, and small businesses.

  • B2C (Business-to-Customer) Writing

B2C writing refers to creating direct content from a business enterprise to its customers. This type of writing is more fun and often creative as it focuses on content based on products. If you are good at creating buying guides, reviews, tutorials and how-to descriptive contents, this niche is for you. Remember your work must be creative, conversational, relaxed and fun to read.

  • Article Writing

Article writing involves creating new and distinctive content for websites and magazines. It is more journalistic than blog writing as it takes an in-depth approach to its information. Its advantage is a handsome payment from interviews and story like content. However, its work is not frequent like that of a blog and may come once a month or less.

  • Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting refers to a process where you write articles, books, or research work for someone else without taking any credit for the work. This work is highly profitable several times over most other types of writing. When you are good at ghostwriting you should embark on getting and retaining more clients to maximize your payment.

  • Technical Writing

Technical writing involves creating companies manuals, procedure guides, evaluation reports, research, and policies. For you to qualify as a technical writer, you must possess a strong technological background and be good at coding and web development. The upside to being a technical writer is having a highly profitable job driven by demand since technical freelancers are few.


In conclusion, becoming an online writer is easy as you can choose from a wide range of writing categories and concentrate on those you are perfect in. You should always take as much work as possible to refine your skills and become a competent writer. Don’t forget to get testimonials from your clients as they will help in attracting new clients and making a decent income.


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