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Part-time online jobs you should consider trying


Part-time online jobs refer to work that can be done from home or a remote location, not necessarily having to report to a set location daily, or work that can be done after work. These jobs are becoming more and more readily available due to improvement in technology and internet connections.

People choose part-time jobs with the freedom and flexibility that comes with it, while others go for it with the need to balance outside responsibilities with work. Part-time jobs are an advantage to people who have been laid off from work, as they fill in employment gaps and provide the much-needed income.

Examples of part-time online jobs

  • Affiliate marketing – it is the use of a special link (affiliate link) to promote products online and earn a commission. Its income is passive.
  • Part-time online writing- It involves writing content for websites.
  • Virtual assistant- It involves calendar and email management, social media management, data entry, arranging travel and other administrative duties. It has no fixed hours; all that is required is that work should be done.
  • Blogger- It is the sale of a person’s information products on one’s blog, promoting other peoples product as an affiliate, advertising on one’s website for purposes of earning money.
  • Etsy Seller-it is the sale of handmade items online part-time such as; handmade handbags, paintings, pottery, wedding accessories and decorations, hand-knitted scarves and sweaters among others.
  • You tuber- one can money through youtube by creating viral videos such as self-made content on cooking tutorials, through advertising of products among others.
  • Other examples include; becoming an online graphic designer, testing of apps and websites, part-time search engine evaluation, online English teaching and tutorial jobs among others.

What should I consider when choosing an online part-time job?

  • Figure out whether the job is genuine or fake.
  • Money for membership or registration- always avoid companies that ask for registration and membership fees, since they do vanish after collecting money.
  • Monthly paycheck- always enquire on how much money will you be paid for your work, when will it be paid (weekly, monthly), and what mode of payment will they use (bank, pay pal, check).
  • Working hours- it is an important factor to consider. If you are to work for more than is paid, then you can always decline the job.
  • Job management- this applies to those doing both full and part-time jobs. Always consider if it possible for you to manage two jobs, if not then choose one that gives you more benefits.

Advantages of part-time online jobs

  • Flexibilitypart-time online jobs allow one to schedule their working hours and gives room to other personal obligations as well.
  • Own boss- part-time online jobs permit one to be their boss by choosing on when to work, and what kind of job to do. It saves one from being shouted at and being scolded from time to time. It also provides room for a comfortable working environment.
  • Different clients- these kinds of jobs allow one to experiment on different jobs to avoid monotony hence making work interesting.
  • No pressure- online part-time jobs are less stressful and got no all-time supervision and followings. They also allow someone to work on what they are best at.

Disadvantages of part-time online jobs

  • No extra benefitsPart-time online jobs lack extra benefits like health insurance, sick leave nor holiday pay. If one takes either of this, there will be no payment for it.
  • Internet dependency- to work part-time online mostly requires an internet connection. Without being connected, there will be neither work nor income.
  • Scams- some of the sites offering part-time jobs online e.g. online freelance writing sites, may ask you to pay a fee to receive projects to work on and get paid. Not all are genuine, and when one lands one that is not a genuine site, they end up losing money.


Part-time online jobs are a boost to low-income earners and can always change to be ones full-time job depending on the benefits. It is always advisable to be cautious with the part-time online jobs that one chooses, by carrying out a survey, reviewing the job and also finding out what people say about that kind of job. It is also safer learning from people who have got experience in the same.


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