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Online writing jobs that pay instantly via Mpesa


Online writing is the process of creating text with digital gadgets such as Smartphone, Laptop or Computer with the intention of passing information to readers on Internet across the world. Online writing, also referred to as digital writing can take different form of formats including emailing, instant messaging, tweeting, and blogging.

Online writing jobs that pay instantly via Mpesa is providing numerous opportunities to many people including youths who are learning and also the professionals.

Moreover,  payment is also offered to those who have successfully completed the writing job. There is also a list of online writing jobs that pay instantly via Mpesa making it easy for many people to withdraw their funds easily whenever and wherever they are.

Here is the example of some of online writing jobs instantly pay via Mpesa.

                     1. Content writing

This is whereby one plans, write and edit contents that are to be uploaded into web, purposefully for marketing in digital way. Content writing may include writing articles and blog posts, scripts that are meant to be used for podcasts and videos, and finally contents needed to used by a specific platform.

Content writing is not only important for writing blog posts but also but also helpful in creating different formats of contents including;

  • Podcast titles
  • Video scripts
  • Posts for social media
  • White papers
  • Landing pages
  • Email newsletters
  • Keynote speeches

The pros of content writing is that it is improving everyday and it is one of online writing jobs that profitably pay instantly via Mpesa.

               3. Academic writing

Academic writing is usually formal and deals with non-fiction ideas directed to university and college to meet their requirements.

Academic writing can be used for;

  • Academic journal
  • Conference paper
  • Essay
  • Translation
  • Research articles or research papers
  • Abstract
  • Explication

Academic writing pay heavily and instantly via Mpesa once one has completed the project and therefore the best Online writing job for one to venture into.

To come up with a good academic writing, one has to plan the topic which will be covered, outline the important parts of the writing, use a formal tone in the writing, choose language to use, and finally having a point-of-view.

                 2. Article writing

An article is a writing that targets large audience and with the main purpose of making difference to the people in the world. It is usually published in journals, magazines or newspapers.

On other hand, article writing is whereby one creates non-fiction message basing on what is currently happening, specific topics or general topics.

Article writing rather is easier to write than academic writing because it does not have complicated topics that to deal with. In comparison to academic writing, article writing pay less via Mpesa hence it is better to specialize in academic writing.

                        4. Transcription

This is the process of converting audio files that are recorded into a format of text. They are simple and growing fast since you need to put down what you listen to.

Transcription also pays instantly via Mpesa and is online writing job for anyone to do as long as you are not deaf.

The online writing jobs outlined that pay instantly via Mpesa are meant for anyone willing and eager to submit interesting articles that can grab the attention of the audience. The advantage is that you can withdraw your funds anytime you want.


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