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Here are genuine ways to make money online from your mobile phone


With technological advancements, almost everyone owns a phone. Mobile phones are not only used for calling, but also for internet browsing, playing games, taking photographs, watching videos, listening to music, reading documents and so on. Some of these activities are sources of income when done on appropriate platforms. We are living in technology driven world and most activities can be done remotely. There are better ways you can use your phone and at the same time earn some extra income. Below are genuine ways to make money online from your mobile phone.

  1. Freelance

If you own a smartphone and you can access the internet, you can venture in online writing and data entry jobs as a freelancer. Smartphones have been engineered to perform most functions just like laptops and desktop computers.

  • YouTube videos

You can make short videos, upload on YouTube and let people watch your videos and get paid. The type of videos may include funny clips and “how to” tutorials like how to cook, recipes among others.

However, first you should register yourself on YouTube and own a YouTube channel.

  • Online paid or incentive survey

This is a statistical survey where participants are given redeemable points or small cash awards. The more surveys you complete, the higher the rewards. The points can be redeemed and money transferred to your account.

  • Online shopping

Apart from purchasing items from an online shop, there are ways through which you can make money or earn some redeemable points. Most online shops have referral programs where you can invite friends to shop on their platform. You may also participate buy performing product reviews, like their social media pages and earn more. The cash or points may be withdrawn or be used to purchase items on the shop.

  • Selling items that you don’t need anymore

You may sell items that you do not use anymore as an extra source of income. The items may include furniture, electronics, household goods and jewellery. There are various websites which facilitates the process of buying and selling of such stuff.  What you are required to do is take a clear photograph of the item, give it a clear description including its condition and then add a price tag. Remember that you must be registered on the website that supports such business.

  • Online tutoring

Online tutoring is the process of providing teaching services in an online or virtual environment where students and teachers participate from separate physical locations. If you have skills in any given field, you may share your skills with others and be paid. One can start an online class for or be hosted on various websites where tutors and students register.

  • Surfing and watching videos online

Navigating through some websites while on the internet can make you earn some points or win a gift. This usually involves watching adverts, liking pages on social media and sharing the information with others. Your money can be redeemed and withdrawn through financial applications like PayPal. It should be noted that this is only applicable on certain websites.

  • Sell photos

If your phone has a great camera and you have photo editing skills, you may take photos, edit and place a price tag on them. Photographs are used on websites and blogs. The photographs may include nature photographs showing great sceneries and well drawn artistic images. Photo editing applications can be easily installed on any smartphone.

There are many other genuine ways to make money from your mobile phone. These jobs can be done during any free time, and at your comfort. The fact that most people are addicted to their phones can make them use it in more productive ways and make money online. However, one needs to be extremely cautious, because not all sources that claim to offer the services are legit. You should perform background checks to verify the authenticity of the information accesses on the web.

Venture in any of the above options and make some money on your phone. People wishing to make more money can try several options to increase their earnings. It should be noted that the amount made from some of the options may not make you rich, they may only be used to supplement your income or meet small expenses. If you wish to earn more, you should have the necessary skills and be ready to commit more of your time. You can spend your time well and use your phone to make money online! There is no need of owning a laptop.


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