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How you can make money from writing about the things you love


Writing for a living is a wonderful opportunity. It has many advantages over other forms of formal employment. You have freedom to choose where you work. You also get to work at your own time. In recent years there has been a boom in writing as a form of generating income. Many people are trying their hand, taking up writing as a source of income.

This promise of personal, financial and creative freedom is very attractive.  However not everyone gets to make it as a successful writer. Even less get to make it a main source of income. There is also another issue, many writers don’t get the chance to make money from what they love writing about.

Many people ask the question, how you can make money from writing about the things you love? Here are a few pointers.

Freelance journalism for magazines and websites.

You can offer your writing services as a freelance magazine journalist. If your interest is in writing journalistic pieces, then you should try writing for magazines. Freelance writing does not require you to be a professional journalist. You can contribute articles to various publications on various topics. Niche topics are known to attract readers. Magazine titles are more than happy to pay you for quality content on such topics.

Make money by creating a niche audience for businesses with your writing

Creating content to attract customers and build credibility is a great undertaking. It is great strategy if you want to generate larger income down the line. You can start by constantly and consistently creating content on certain topics of your interest.

You can then start getting attention and traffic.  Once you have a large enough clout, other enterprises will hire your services. This has created a niche for smart writers who can attract a specific audience. Businesses and magazines will pay good money for writers who can target a specific market. It takes time to build a reputation and an audience. Be careful and patient and you will make it.

Publishing your works such a books and articles

You can self-publish articles and books. As an author, you can take your work to a registered website and self-publish your work. There is a very good chance of generating income from sales of articles and books. This requires you to be very smart in marketing. This is because getting a book on the market and generating profit is a tough task.

A good way is to write about certain niche genres and market your work on social media or writing websites. With new platforms and websites such as Amazon, self-publishing has never been easier.

Creating a blog and marketing products on it

Building a popular blog is hard work. It takes a lot of time and patience. You will also have to produce a lot of content before generating self-sustaining income. The best path involves selecting a niche topic. There must be a significantly large audience you can pull from. Once your blog is large enough, you can start selling products on it. Remember, your audience can also be potential clients for other products. This way you can write your favourite content while still earning from product sales and marketing.


Generating income at your own leisure doing what you love is a dream for many. It can come true for you. Start any time writing articles or creating a blog.


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