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How to find creative writing and academic writing jobs.


Are you a creative or academic writer who is somehow stuck in the depths of not finding a job? This article focuses on how you would be able to find a job along the lines of creative and academic writing.

I know most people during this time are trying so hard to think about how they’d be able to secure these kind of jobs and how they would even find any credible writing jobs at that. Well don’t worry, because all your endless wondering, questioning and doubts will end here after reading this article or at least It’d have helped you in some way.

I am probably sure you have your creative writing degree and you’re just wondering, now where do I actually start from here? This is a question a lot of us ask ourselves, when it’s just at that point. If you are a creative writer I’d have to tell you that creative writing is not an actual job. The good news is that there are other jobs that’d have use of your creative writing degree. Jobs like an editor, a professor, a podcaster, a journalist, etcetera.

How to get a creative writing job.

Creative writing as we know it focuses on story-telling, and recounting of personal experiences. Creative writers are very passionate with what they do, and they always have the desire to express their creative ideas so well. 

  • Knowing and Understanding your hobbies:

By being able to know your hobbies and what fulfils you more, you can write about these hobbies for blogs or magazines and through this get a job and get paid for it.

  • Through creative writing one is able to have an amazing imagination and with this untapped skill you can be able to write books and amazing poems for magazines and newspapers and get paid for it. A creative wrier can also write a script for a play or a film and ideas like this enable them to earn money and have their jobs.

Even though some of this jobs are not that stable, Creative writers have a gift, they have an eye for imagination and this can always guarantee them other amazing jobs.

How to get an academic writing job.

Academic writing is very clear and structured. It is mostly backed up with evidences and a lot of facts and as a result of this, it is very formal. This type of writing is mostly centered in the academics of a certain individual.

I want you to take a minute and look back to your high school or college life, whatever stage your I right now. Remember that time, you didn’t have anyone to help you with the essays and other assignments you just couldn’t understand or be able to do?

Well an academic writer can do just that. Academic writers, help students with their assignments depending on the skills they signed up with.

There are a lot of platforms that have a need for academic writers and this proves as an advantage to the academic writers.

Platforms like: Writers. Labs, Academia research and Upwork just to name a few.

I hope this article was helpful, and assisted you even if it was just in the slightest way possible. Good luck finding that job.


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