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Here are things to do to earn you a few extra coins while at home


Economic times are tough and life is getting hard by the day. This is a result of the world economic recession caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and other preceding factors. Many companies have closed down resulting in many job losses and wage reduction. This is a misfortune to many and to mitigate the effects, here are things to do to earn a few extra coins while at home.

Rent out Part of Your Home

Tough times call for smart decisions. You may have unused rooms and unnecessarily big compounds. If you rent out the extra space, an income will start flowing your way. Another way of attracting some earning from home is by squeezing up a little and then rent out the resulting space. Sharing your compound is one of the easiest ways to attract some extra coins while at home.

Take Online Polls

You can earn from taking online polls from research companies, right from your mobile phone. Some of these research companies even offer some bonus coins for signing up and doing some start-up polls. This is a simple way of earning extra cash at the comfort of your home or as a side hustle.

Optimize Your Compound

Idle space in your compound can be a source of extra earning. Poultry farming can be done on small space since several structures can be done on top of the other. Likewise, vegetable farming can be done on idle space and the proceeds add up to the diminishing personal kitty. Some popular fruits like grapes and some berry varieties take up very little space and yet fetch a lot, just to mention a few.

Skill Vending

Take up virtual tutoring to earn from your skills. Share your expertise online for some income by organizing one-on-one or group tutoring sessions. Some people like privacy and so would easily subscribe to the one-on-one arrangement. Others are simply organized groups that can arrange for webinars to gain some desired skills.

Earn From Grammatical Expertise

As technology takes rapid growth, so does the online opportunities. Freelance proofreading, and or, editing is an opening for easy bucks. Just invoke your grammatical expertise and create time for the job. Many people write journals, publications, and books that must require editing and proofreading. This is a fertile ground for earning since time is usually of the essence.

Day Care Business

Life sophistication is on the rise and time for simple chores is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity.    Money to afford the services of personal attendants to the chores is also scarce. This has caused the grown of the daycare business. Whether it is for children, pets, or the elderly, it is much cheaper to seek the services of a daycare facility than to have full-time employees for the same.

Technical Support

If you are gifted in craftsmanship, this is your opportunity to earn some extra coins. Basic repairs do not require a lot of training. Think of simple plumbing, simple electrical repairs, and mechanical fixtures. A lot of troubleshooting requires common sense and some reasoning which many people lack the time for. Here is a glaring opportunity to cash in on.

These are but just an eye-opener to the many home fixes for the elusive financial resource.


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