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Great online jobs for teenagers and kids


Are you in a dilemma on what to do with your teenage boy or girl and your kids especially during this corona pandemic season? Long holidays can bring all forms of chaos as parents try to engage their children in fruitful activities. But what if your child could work and make some money online?  This article focuses on some great jobs for teenagers and kids that could help keep your child engaged and fruitful. Betting is not one of them!

A small Caution

When getting an online job for a teenager or a kid, it is important to have a discussion with the parents or guardians for the purposes of psychological support and advice. It is also important for parents to carefully monitor what their kid is doing on the internet which will help protect the kids against any online bullying and enticement to the wrong sites. Furthermore, internet services have been for my parents!

Amazing online Job for teenagers and kids

  • Become a typist-As a teenager or a kid, you have trained your fingers to move very fast on the keyboard of your computer or your laptop. This could earn you some extra bucks either by working part-time or full time. Sites such as talent desire have typing jobs that will help you some dollars.
  • A gamer- Gaming has always been a popular hobby for most teenagers and kids. Many homes have at least a game either on their phone, computer, or their smart TV. What most people do not know is that these games could be a source of income. Find yourself a competitive gaming community and play to earn some extra money.
  • Sell your artistic skills- Teenagers and kids have an imagination that could earn them money through art. If you are talented in this area, as a teenager or a kid, you could consider doing art as a source of earning. Sites such as Etsy provide a platform for you to sell your artistic ideas in form of paintings, drawings, and other arts such as jewelry.
  • Cartoonist- Humor never grows old. Most people have always looked for humor from the cartoon section in the newspapers and comical books. If you are talented as a cartoonist, you could use this to earn some extra bucks. This can be made possible through uploading your work on the internet and charging people per view. You could also sell the same to companies and sites that deal with comics. A story can be told using cartoons.
  • Cashing on funny and interesting videos- People have generated some serious revenue through sites that host videos. Such sites as YouTube have paid individuals millions of dollars depending on the popularity of their videos and content. The catch is however on having a certain number of minimum subscribers. You can attain this by ensuring your content is interesting and also sharing your links on different social media platforms. You could even ask your parents to help you with ideas and also to record.
  • Offer music reviews – One thing that is for sure is the love for music by teenagers. Now imagine listening to the same music but this time getting paid to listen and give your review? A site such as MusicXray allows you to sign up for free and get paid per music track. Ensure you have your PayPal account ready!


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