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Generate easy money by doing simple tasks online


Working online has provided easy money for many individuals. This article focuses on ways of generating easy money online by doing simple tasks.

The internet has provided tremendous opportunities for people to work, learn, and get entertainment.  If you aspire to turn your skills, talents and competencies into an extra coin or into a full-time job, then reading this essay in a step in the right direction. Let’s explore the most common ways you can actualize that dream.

Take online surveys

  It sounds incredible that you can get paid for sharing your thoughts. The opinions you give on consumer goods, health, technology, finance, travel, etc. help firms build better products. That explains why your insights are rewarded by such firms keen on consumer satisfaction. Surveys are very simple and take very short periods of time. The flip side is that online surveys pay peanuts. For some companies, you earn points for each task you complete and redeem them when you reach the minimum withdrawal number. It is therefore advisable to sign in for several firms to earn a steady income.                                                                                                               

Take data entry tasks

With the increase of people seeking help online, making money with data entry is possible. This involves feeding data from various sources into the client’s computer system. Data entry is one of the easiest online jobs. A working computer and a reliable internet connection coupled with proficient typing skills are the main gems you must have to start off. It is also important to equip yourself with basic computer application such as MS Word and MS Excel.

Testing websites

Running a successful website can be challenging if it is not user-friendly. This means that users will shy away from such sites. No serious business owner over-looks such possibilities and is therefore willing to pay people to test their sites and give feedback. That is where you jump in and seize the opportunity. To succeed in this, you need to understand internet and as well speak English fluently. Surfing the web and taking a few notes is enough to get the job done.

Transcription and translation

Transcription is the process of converting audio to text. The employer provides audio that the worker must listen to and convert into written form. This kind of task needs good listening skills and a good audio device.

Translation involves converting the source document/article/audio from one language to another. These tasks pay well. However, they are only available to those who know multiple languages.

Imagine processing

Image-based tasks are more efficiently processed by humans than computers. For instance, computers cannot read or identify objects that appear on images. This explains why webmasters use captcha to prevent automatic robots from accessing their websites. They post a lot of these image processing tasks on many job sites for you. These tasks are normally easy and a lot of fun.

Bottom line

Online work offers an alternative to the hustle and bustle of job seeking. This is because you manage your schedule, you do what you enjoy and you get to run your own business. We can do these tasks full-time or part-time, so lack of time is an excuse.


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