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Freelance writing jobs for beginners.



The rate of unemployment is increasing at an alarming rate. The job market cannot absorb all the graduates from institutions of learning. Those who are employed also need to supplement their income. More people are turning to freelance writing as an option. Freelance writing is a very convenient way of making money for both professionals and newbies. The best part of it is that the job is flexible and allows you to work at your own pace and time from the comfort of your home. In this article, we will look at all you need to know to enable you to start a career in writing.

One of the most popular online jobs

The number of people turning to the internet to do research and to obtain information is increasing. This calls for good content. Website owners are constantly looking for freelance writers to write reviews, press releases, articles, and other materials for the internet. There is an entire array of online freelance writing jobs available. All you need to do is to decide on the most suitable job for you and apply. The salary varies from $ 100 to $ 250 depending on the company for whom you are writing.

Types of freelance writing jobs

With the internet and the latest computer technology, there are several freelance writing jobs one can choose from:

Magazine writer: You can contribute ideas and stories to a magazine. Writing for a magazine is fun and you can make money out of it. By writing authentic captivating content you will keep your readers wanting to read more.

Blogger: In blog writing, you need to consider the expectations of your client and your readers. Keep your work rich in content while also making it legible.

Journalism: Journalism or reporting is researching for information to present in daily reports and interviews. You can gather relevant opinions and information. Journalism involves other platforms such as blogs and social media where you can post the information.

Content writer: You can become a ghostwriter whereby you sell written content or articles to a second party claiming no rights or ownership over the write-ups.

Translator or copywriter: Clients may require you to create words for scripts, sales messages, straplines, slogans, print ads, billboards, blog entries, radio, and television commercials. Important articles and documents need the service of a translator.

Requirements for freelance writing jobs

A bachelor’s degree is not required, neither are any skills in journalism. All you need is writing and research skills. You are also required to have a laptop/desktop and a reliable high-speed internet connection. It is not advisable to do your writing on a couch. Invest in a comfortable writing desk and an armchair.

Where to start

Utilize the search engine. By typing keywords such as “online writing jobs”, “jobs for writers”, “online freelance writing”, the search engine will give you various results to choose from.

Look for relevant reading materials on freelance writing. You can obtain a lot of knowledge about writing from resources and e-books available online. The resources have information that will help you

Build your career as a writer

Sharpen your skills in computer technology. This will be an added advantage that will put you ahead of others. Make an effort to join social networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Connect with and seek advice from those who are already in freelance writing. Many freelance writers are willing to share their writing tips.

Tips on how to find online writing jobs

Sign-up to several online writing sites. You can find these sites by searching Google or other search engines. Some of these sites will offer free membership or you can become a member by paying a minimal annual fee. Signing-up allows you to get newsletters and updates of any job opportunities through your mail.

Apply for many jobs. Search the web to find writing sites where you can post your resume. Your resume will be seen by many potential employers hence increasing the chance of getting a job. Your resume should be written in a way to catch the attention of employers.

Subscribe to e-magazines. You will find excellent tips, resources, and regular job postings in these magazines. You may be paid for some of the contributions to the e-magazines. The contributions will also help to build your portfolio.

Pitch! There are times when you do not wait until a job is posted. Send an email to a potential employer, convincing them to hire you. Clients prefer to work with enthusiastic people. However, not all your pitching may be successful. If this happens, do not give up. Keep on trying. Freelance writing is for people who are persistent and self-motivated.

What will you write about?

You do not have to worry about what to write. The client will normally provide the topic and the keywords. With thorough research, ideas will begin to flow once you begin to write. Your content must be unique and free of plagiarism. It must also be free of any grammatical and spelling errors. The first article will be difficult but once you know how to go about it, everything will run smoothly.

Benefits of freelance writing jobs

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Freelance writing jobs are very convenient because you can work from the comfort of your home. Physical presence in the office is not necessary. The time and money that you would have used for traveling to work can be spent on other equally important duties and responsibilities. This will make you productive. Traditional jobs require skills and qualifications. On the contrary, online writing jobs only require good writing skills. This kind of job doesn’t require a huge investment. A laptop/desktop, space, and a reliable internet connection are sufficient.

With freelance writing jobs, you can earn money as you attend to other duties.


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