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Great Sites to Find Freelance Writing Gigs


Freelance writing however comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It has a flexible schedule, one can choose their working environment and can even choose the work to do and the clients to works for. The cons can be irregular pay, one has to find the clients, may require discipline, and also the burn out with no pay when on a holiday.

The Top Freelance Writing Gigs

Writing may seem complex for beginners but below are some sites to get started.


This is a good one for a beginner. It will however require one to pay some monthly fee to pay for the adverts and sustaining of the site.SolidGigs finds jobs and alerts one through their email. The starting fee is $2 for the initial 30 days then $19 thereafter monthly.


This is another good site to get started. They do daily posts and it’s hence a suitable one, to begin with. A membership fee is a requirement. The jobs are legit because vetting is done with all the jobs before posting. They offer flexible jobs that one can do remotely from the comfort of their homes.


Most highly earning writers began somewhere and this is where some of them began. This site gives the writers budget upfront making it easy for the writers. It offers a variety of writing content for the writer to choose from.


This is an excellent site but one has to find the clients. The beginner finding the first client may take some time. It may equally be challenging but for the beginner up for the challenge, this is a good beginning.

All Freelance Writing

This site will offer resources to mentor the beginner. It is hence a plus for the beginner who may need some mentorship to get started.


In this beginner site, they will find clients for the beginner and also bargain the price. This is very useful for the new writers who may not even have an idea of what to charge for their content.


This is among the biggest marketplace and has seen many into a decent earning. To join as a new writer, one will be required to take an online course. After going through then they will create their profile which is the resume to attract clients and it’s this simple.


This does not include any membership fees. It’s however prone to scam and has been well known for several. It may be a tricky site for a beginner though. They find clients and training is also done.

 The writer Finder

This site finds writers for various businesses making it easy for a new writer.

Constant Content

This is a good one for the businesses in search of writers to make content for them. Businesses will be redirected to writers making it easy for both parties.


This site will require a writer application when they are open for applications and after approval then one can get started in their site.


This site will require creating an online account and defining the services to be offered and one is ready to start meeting the clients. The payments are made to the site before the work is done and after approval from the client of work well done then payment is made to the writer. Money is hence kept secure for both parties.


This site is free to open an account and get started. Some commission will however be charged on the payments to sustain adverts and the site. This site will also offer training courses to beginners at a fee. A variety of projects can be accessed on this site. One will need a bidding package.

Top High-Pay Writing Freelance Niches

A writing niche is a form of specialization in writing. Some of the highest paying niches for the beginner interested in good pay are listed below;


The banking industry has been gaining popularity every day increasing the need for more adverts and awareness in the sector. Writing in this niche is therefore highly paying because the daily job post is high due to increasing demand for adverts and awareness. The credit card companies have grown due to increased use of the cards. Each company will need to be competitive hence more work for the writers.


The current generation is spending more time in travel, for leisure, and also on work appointments. Companies have also learned about the need for recreational activities for their workers and have also begun sponsoring them out. This necessitates the need for travel guide articles, hotel reviews, lifestyles while on travel, and travel deals among others with an increased need for writers.

Digital Marketing

Currently, businesses have realized the need for digital marketing. Most businesses are now putting up work for the writers in order to market their businesses to maximize profit and sustainability.


As the core to society enlightenment, most institutions of learning have come up hence the need to market themselves. Private loan lenders have also come up and are hence up to market themselves hence job expansion in the writing industry.

Alternative Health

The patient to health care workers ration has increased. The gap has made most patients seek alternative healthcare. This has led to the establishment of many alternative healthcare providers who need to market themselves. This means more writing opportunities for the writers in this niche.

Book writing

This niche has been expanded by the people who want to put their stories into writing without the expertise hence need  writers.


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