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What to know before joining Upwork


Joining Upwork is just like activating your social media account, however, in this case, you are required to have something that you can offer. Necessary skills are needed that you find easy to work with. Upwork will ask for your information like your address, your nationality, contact info, and ID number. Not forgetting, since you are getting paid, you will need to set a payment mode of which mostly is through PayPal; hence having a PayPal account is necessary. Below, we are going to discuss what you need to know before joining Upwork;  

Find a niche that you are comfortable working with

It is important to note that finding a niche will save you. When you already know what to focus on, then you will have no problem finding work. The moment you know what you are comfortable working with, then all the other things will flow easily. For example, if you are good at graphic design then you should focus on clients who offer graphic design jobs.

It becomes a challenge when you are not confident with what you are doing.  This will mess you and you might end up not getting paid. The most important rule to follow in Upwork is to find what you are best in and avoid taking work that you are not able to achieve.

There will be times work will be low

You need to know that in Upwork you are not employed. There is no permanent employment; it does not bring you a monthly salary as when you were employed. There will be times you will have no work to do, and the periods will be long without work, which might take even 2 to 3 months. Although not all times are like this, at times, work is a lot and the payment is high, so take advantage of such situations. More so, remember that what you earn in a certain month varies from another month. So don’t expect a specific figure for all the months.

To prepare for such situations, it is critical to know how to save. This will help you through the tough times.  Work on your marketing to attract clients who can hit you up when the work is low.

No certificates or loans are needed to start

Joining upwork does not require any certificates. All that is necessary is that you are well skilled in the task. When it comes to Upwork, your degree, Ph.D., and diploma do not matter. As long as you can do what is expected of you by the client then all the others are unnecessary.

Moreover, you don’t need any money or loan to join upwork. No need to request for a loan, what you need is a laptop and access to the internet. After that, all you need is to join the upwork website so that you can fill your information      

Be reasonable and competitive when it comes to pricing

If you want to join upwork as a freelancer, remember that you are competing with many freelancers. Before you put up any price, make sure to research the average price of the service you want. Consider several things before taking work. Look into the skill needed, experience, the instructions given, and the quality of the work needed.

Just when you are starting, invest in building an impressive rating on your profile. You can start with the easy work that does not require a lot then rise with time. Also, do not lower yourself, put up a price that matches the kind of work you are doing.

 Always be clear and communicate

Communication always makes working with clients easy. When you do not understand anything, contact your client to get clarification. Make a habit of messaging your client frequently as they may forget.  Disputes between clients and freelancers rise from lack of communication. Furthermore, when you are done with the job, make sure to contact your client so that it can be marked as done.

 Some clients might not pay at all

When you are just joining, there are times you will not get paid. Be prepared to work for free. When you are joining upwork, your aim is not just money but to be able to get clients that will love your work. A review from a client is better than a payment. A review means that the client can refer you to another client as well.

You will be able to build your portfolio, profile, and your network through doing the free work. Reputation in upwork is important than just doing the job. Once you climb the ladder, your positive reviews from clients will help you compete with other top-rated freelancers.

Safety is not guaranteed compared to when you are employed

As said before, upwork does not employ you. It comes with many challenges, such as not getting the comfort of a full-time job. When you are employed, you have the assurance your job is constant from Monday to the next Monday till the year ends. No work can be said is secured in Upwork.

Getting medical and other insurance is not offered in upwork. However, not all is lost, working in upwork does not dictate from where you will work from, even if you decided to do it in bed, no one cares. The advantage is that you set your own pace to do the work as long as you meet the deadline


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