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Online Writing Jobs with no Registration Fees


Getting started as an online writer is quite easy and jobs are waiting for you to work on right after you are done mastering the art. Writing jobs are numerous online, all you need to know is which sites to find them and not fall for scams.

In some online job marketplaces, it’s a requirement to pay registration fees. This becomes a stumbling block to most writers especially those with no financial capacity to pay for the fee. 

The idea of paying some fee to get a job as a writer sounds absurd to and is a hindrance to those without a penny in their wallets. Some opt to become writers due to unemployment and they seek these jobs to ensure they have a roof over their head and lay food on the table. Out of desperation, some writers stretch their limits to pay for the registration fee only to fall for traps of rascals and fraudulent jobs. However, this doesn’t rule out the legitimacy of all companies other hiring online writers at a fee. All you need to do is approach them with caution. 

Categories of Online Writing Jobs

The broad spectrum of online writing jobs available is a motivating factor for most people to become writers. Online writing jobs are here to stay as long as businesses are running online. This article will guide you and provide you with the information necessary to find the right online writing job for you and with no payments involved.

Freelance Writing jobs 

You do not need to be a degree holder to become a professional freelance writer. All you need is the urge to succeed, be creative, a good researcher, have good internet, and most importantly be passionate about writing. The best part of being a freelance writer is you get to enjoy the flexibility of working on your terms i.e. you get to choose when to work, which jobs to pick, and your clients as well. The requirements of each batch of job variate from client to client. One essential skill you need as a freelancer is being able to beat deadlines and working under instructions of the given task. 

Freelance writing jobs can be grouped further into:

Blog writing online Jobs 

Blog writers play the role of generating, updating content posted on the client’s website. 

As a blog writer you need is to be a good researcher, who can advocate and promote the agenda in the context in a manner that is interesting and eye-catching to the readers. Once you are a reputable blog writer, clients will be lining up on your front door for your skills, since they need blog content updated regularly. 

Article Writing Jobs Online

If you reckon yourself to be an idealist, this is the right freelance job for you. Being an article writer means you get to write about things you are passionate about and have the know-how on that topic. The aspect of being opinion and fact-based is a major characteristic of article writing. Article writers contribute to print publications such as newspapers and magazines and websites as well. 

Social Media Content Creator

In the age of the internet, it’s rare to find a business without a social media presence. Marketing is king in the business world and this can only be achieved by posting meaningful content. As a content creator, you are hired to write interesting content as a form of advertisement whose main aim is to drive action from the target market.

SEO Writing Jobs

Search engine optimization writing aims at boosting website page ranking in the google search results. As an SEO writer, you need to write content with relevant keywords that are used frequently in your content. SEO writing jobs are quick to handle, this makes them a good starting place to start earning as a writer. 

Technical Writing Jobs

This job category would best fit technologically knowledgeable writers. The role of a technical writer is to create instruction manuals and articles in the most simplistic form thereby reducing their complexity to the readers. Technical writers are also tasked with conducting research and gathering technical information about a specific topic. 


If you are seeking to major in writing as a professional career, here is a little tip, have a diversity of writing skills to increase your income yield and make a handy living out of freelance writing.

 Below is a list of websites where you can secure an online freelance writer job without a registration fee

  1. Upwork 

 This is the job marketplace for all sorts of freelance writing jobs. These include academic writing, creative writing, article writing, blog writing, and content writing. If you are an expert writer getting started at Upwork would be a lot easier. It’s faster to build a reputation and get clients who offer a handsome pay. An entry-level writer needs to be patient and to submit lots of proposals before landing good projects and gigs.

  • Freelancer.com 

This site post writing jobs for all writers i.e. both those operating on a small scale and the large organizations. Writers bid for projects and waits for a response before progressing to start the task. They offer a broad category of writing job and am sure you can find the right niche for you as a writer.

  • iWriter

If you are just getting started as a writer, this is the best job market place for you. Joining iWriter requires you to only fill up the application form and complete a few words writer prompts. You will, however, need to up your writing skills to make more money and win more clients.

  • Constant Content

This is a writing job board agency that helps businesses match their writing projects with professional writers. Building a good profile that highlights your writer skills will make you win more gigs and build you lasting ties with brands and businesses. 

  • People-Per-Hour

This is a freelance job board where businesses post projects and they connect them with freelancers. The pay-per-hour platform allows freelance writers to showcase their work as they bid for projects. Once you have built a reputation as a writer, you get to bid and negotiate higher pay for projects. 


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