This is a long-term online job that will require marketing services and products on personal online media and the entire web and then get paid. Being an online-influencer/marketer, you need to have a massive social following.

You can think of it also as affiliate marketing. Most people who get such gigs are public figures and celebrities, corporates and companies use such people to influence publics to using their products and services. As a public figure, all you need to do is have a great brand name and great Fan-zone. Top public influencers are Musicians, TV personalities, Sports persons.

The deal to become an online influencer or marketer as the definition has it, is to have a massive fan-zone that corporates and companies find very valuable. Prominent online platforms are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Companies check on the number of followers and their regular participation on your online activities.

Online surveys in Kenya

Online surveys simply are spending your time answering questions after which you get paid. Some platforms offer airtime or credit rewards instead of money.

You may wonder why get paid to answer questions? Well, the platforms are owned by research companies and they actually get paid by other companies and corporates to collect data which they on turn use the data to make informed decisions. Most surveys are usually about specific products and services offered by a specific company, opinion polls and many other.


Blogging is the most common and highly is paying online jobs but first, you have to identify your space, this is by choosing a path, what content do you want to engage in, by looking at the interests of the publics

The goodness about Blogging is the freedom to bring to life your passion, talent or profession. You own your work. Unlike other online writing jobs where you get paid by companies or people to work for them.

However, it requires patience and consistency. Blogging doesn’t pay instantly. Before you start monetizing your content or blog, you are advised to create and have a good traffic. Traffic in the sense that there is regular pattern and consistency of online users viewing your blog.

Before you start blogging, you need to have good knowledge of keyword research and google optimization. This will help you in creating engaging topics and articles to help drive traffic. Learn also about Google AdSense, this will help you in monetizing your content. Another advice is keep writing.

The secret to successful blogging is keep writing articles, at least two per week and always ensure the articles are based on keyword research and optimize your content for Google.

Article writing

This is different from academic or research writing. An article is mainly focused for larger audience. The Increasing demand of information makes search engines as Bing, Google and Yahoo to outsource articles from freelancers and content creators.

Therefore this is creating S.E.O writing (Search Engine Optimization) that will drive people into visiting a website. It is highly paying, you can get paid from 200-500 Kenya shillings per page.

There are numerous online writing platforms you can find on the internet. Although it’s hard starting off especially when you decide to create your own account. But you can take some paying job by writing for clients who have accounts.

Academic Writing.

Academic writing is an insightful composing is true to life composing created as a component of scholarly work. Composing that gives an account of college research, composing created by college understudies, and writing in which researchers investigate culture or propose new speculations are generally now and then depicted as scholastic composition

App, Website and Graphics Development

Are you passionate and have talent in digital art? Do you want to earn from it? There are many online platforms that you can dedicate your time and talent to design graphics ass a freelancer and earn money. All you need is educate yourself using online resources.

You can create an account and start applying for jobs which might require your skills like: designing logos, online banners, editing photos, web page design and creating animated graphics

This job is more technical since it requires you to indulge in sophisticated work. But you can grab any opportunity that comes your way and get an expert who can deliver the work.

Take advantage of this digital age where companies embrace online presence. Look out for companies that seek website and graphic designing services.


This is simply listening to an audio file sent to you and the task is to actually convert the audio into text file.

As simple as it may look, it requires excellent and strong listening and ethic skills. This job has been on the shadows and gained prominence in Kenya around five years ago due to the populace of online writing freelance jobs.

Top transcription employers offer a range at about Ksh 2000 per hour. It is a potential job that you earn as you learn.

All you need is accuracy, good listening and writing skills and confidentiality since you may access discreet information. So make your employer trust you.

Ecommerce Marketing

One of the quickest developing industry on the planet and it involves more than you can think. . It can start with you selling items utilizing an online business webpage. It can likewise include product placement on e-commerce sites and earn a commission afterwards (Affiliate Marketing).

Another imaginative method of participating in web based business advertising is by empowering and helping individuals purchase items from online business destinations.

The subsequent method to enjoy web based business advertising is through offshoot showcasing. A blog is the most ideal way to do such, by simply doing product article review. So you may create a good website and lure people to the products on specific sites.

The items you review must originate from the online business site so you can incorporate an associate connection that guides individuals to the item. On the off chance that anyone coordinated from your blog purchases any item on the web based business webpage, you get a commission for it.


When indulging into online writing jobs, choose a path that you’re more conversant with. Don’t be greedy to hook up with high paying jobs that you can’t deliver.


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