Freelancers, a term used to refer to a person who is self-employed and isn’t tied down for a particular employer on a long-term basis.


Aspect/Article/Factor/Feature writing

Article writing, creation of factual writing, that is per the current affairs and a writer’s topic of interest. Those articles are meant for publishing.

A writer can carve themselves a niche since they chase stories of their interest.

It’s advised that is a writer chooses to focus on article writing, they should diversify their source of income; as a form of augmenting their income.

Copywriting jobs

Also referred to Content writing.

Copywriting, it’s the type of write up whose purpose is solely for advertisement.

This type of writing is on-demand in Kenya. It Is the King of the writing jungle.

The aim of copywriting is to drive the reading audience to take a specific action.

Blogging jobs

Blogging, these are articles published on the World Wide Web. It’s considered to be a sub-branch of copywriting.

A freelancer makes money through individual blogging or guest blogging.  The secret behind becoming a successful blogger is, developing a community of readers, that way you may get writing gigs for other websites.

Redacting/Editing jobs

Freelancers who are good at their job, provide proofreading services to all manner of clients.

Freelance writers can also be freelance editors.

Creating content on Social Media

In the current world, social media has become an important part of our lives, not only in Kenya but across the globe.

Businesses in Kenya and across have embraced social media marketing. A smart Kenyan freelance writer can capitalize on this factor since so many businesses source their content from freelancers.

Freelancers are the best suit for such positions since they will know when to schedule their social media posts across their platforms, they will be able to themselves and write good relatable content.

It may sound like an easy task but it is not. Since such kind of work can be time-consuming.

So, how exactly do freelance writers get this kind of a job?

One thing we can all agree on is that the main purpose of a job is getting paid.

Areas where Kenyan freelance writers can get such kind of jobs.

Publication Companies

The most “old-fashioned” way for freelance writers, is working for publishing companies. Those who produce newspapers and magazines

NB: If you’re just establishing your career as a writing freelancer; establishing a good ground at a publishing company might be a good way to start, to gather experience.

Experience is key, in every work area.

Pitching Ideas to Companies

Some type of freelancing jobs needs for the writer to apply for them rather than just pitching ideas.

Pitching of ideas may come in handy if you want to be a social media content creator, but necessity calls for freelancers to apply for jobs as content/copywriters in different organizations if this is their line of interest.


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