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Online writing jobs that pay through Mpesa


A list of online writing jobs that pay through Mpesa

 Recently, PayPal and Safaricom have partnered and made it possible to withdraw money directly to Mpesa. When you receive your money in your PayPal account, you can cash out to your Mpesa from PayPal account and vise versa. One can complete the transaction within two hours from the time they sent the request. Below are some of the jobs that pay through Mpesa.

  • E-books

E-books writing started taking over the online space a few years ago and now have become a big industry. People who are creative and have knowledge of various subjects have ripped lots of income in this industry. 

We create E-books from anything, like farming, cooking, storybooks, diets, travel guides, to mention but a few. You can post the content on your social media sites with an updated price list and payment mode as Mpesa. Most E-books on social media sell from as low as 100 Shillings, and your revenue varies on the number of contacts you have.

  • Transcription

Transcription is a field that has been in existence for quite some time now. An individual required to venture into this field is the English language’s best command, keen at listening, and excellent proofreading skills.

All you require as a transcriber is to change speech to text from video and audio files. One is, in effect, required to use high-quality earphones or headphones. Moreover, a laptop and good internet speed will make your work easier when taking on new tasks and submitting tasks already done.

  • Captioning

Captioning jobs are very similar to transcription jobs, but only one is more involving. In captioning, one has to put subtitles in an audio or video file. The subtitles have to be in sync with the audio file from the clip.

Captioning is, therefore, more involving as compared to transcription. In captioning, transcription is involved and synching the subtitle groups in the video or audio file. Therefore to be good at captioning, one has to be good at transcription.

  • Blogging

Blogging is more of an online journal that displays information with the latest appearing first at the top. On the same platform, writers and viewers can share their views on the comment section.

There are many reasons for blogging, ranging from personal to business. Blogging increases traffic and visibility, ranking the website with search engines and, therefore, quality leads to your website.

  • Research writing/Academic writing

Research writing involves sharing information regarding the subject with evidence collected, sources used, explanations, and reasons. The industry is commonly known as academic writing, where one gets paid to do someone’s assignment.

Most of these jobs are involving, as one has to research overtime before completing an evaluation. Therefore you will find that the jobs are paying in installments over a given period.

  • Content writing/digital marketing

In the current times, everyone wants to own their website or blog. Therefore you will find existing and upcoming companies developing websites to reach many customers out there. This emerging development avails opportunities to digital marketers and content creators.

 For more visibility online, websites need quality content to drive more traffic to their site. You are presenting the idea of learning the loops involved in digital marketing. The art of SEO writing thus comes in handy if only you master it. Better and quality content make websites rank high on search engines, translating to higher sales volume.

  • Re-writing content

Re-writing content is a prevalent way of article writing. It is stress-free in the essence that instead of coming up with original content, you only rewrite the content that has been done by other people. Re-writing is one of the online writing jobs that pay through Mpesa and is very easy to workaround. All one needs to be good at what you do.

Online writing websites

If you are looking to take online writing jobs that pay through Mpesa and are good at article writing, you may consider signing up on online websites. Several websites offer online article writing on various topical issues.

You only need to log in to the website and subscribe for an account. After that, you can view the various topics they need articles on, pick one that interests you and work on it to submission to get paid. The issues are very diverse and varied that you will not miss choosing one from the ones available on the site.

Online writing jobs that pay through Mpesa summery

The internet of things has come with lots of good and bad things with it. Depending on the side you choose to channel your energy, you can make some good money from online writing jobs. All you need to have are necessary computer skills, laptops, and access to reliable internet connections.

The partnership in the recent past between PayPal and Mpesa has made life very simple for freelancers. In the past, one had to transfer money from his PayPal account to his bank account. It was a tedious exercise, as it would take a maximum of up to three working days for the transfer to go through. 

Meanwhile, with the partnership in place, transactions take up to a maximum of two hours. Therefore if one needed the money urgently in the past, it was a hectic process. Thus, this has motivated freelancers as their payment options have become more comfortable and convenient to access their money.

The internet of things has a lot of information and resource that is not in use to date. By making fair and proper use of the help available on the internet, one can easily create a living from online writing jobs that pay through Mpesa.


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