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Paying online writing jobs in Kenya


Writing jobs in Kenya production increases each day. The columnist in Kenya innovations should grow and lay hold of the chance to become a biographer. The composers in Kenya are admitted across the world. Whenever the writing career wants to be your platform, there so many industries suitable for you. Some includes Kenya writers which is the best, Fiverr, and many others. Enlist today and start being paid for just being a wordsmith extraordinaire. Link yourself today with any writing industry and start earning to yourself.


On clasping the right set of your expertise, the biographing platform allows you to get hold of what you can be best at. Earning as a composer is in cognition.

Favored Writing Controls

Statistics-This focuses on keeping the historical records archived on the past before they fade away and not bored in people’s minds. It also focuses on internet records making cocksure they are not forgotten.

Engineering-This is a motif that apt the upcoming technologies. It is recommended to solve the most hurdles solutions by improvisation through practical from Engineers knowledge.

Statistical analysis- This involves explanation of the acquired data. A writer uncovers the collected data and their drifts.

Computer Science- The composer involves computing their thoughts communicating clearly.

Education- This intends to create a fun learning environment. It focusses on skills and self-confidence acquired through happenings and training which is demonstrated virtually.

Communications-This considers the dissemination between one another, groups, or organizations. The composers should effectively relay their information’s clearly.

Accounting-The biographer involves composing various written documents such as written memos, letters, and financial statements

Business Studies- This literally involves writing for business students.

How does one become a Biographer?

This requires only a few steps.

Signing up-This takes less than two minutes. It involves creating a personal account. It requires one to enter his or her bio data or their personal identity. This includes filling up their names, phone contacts information’s and emails after which one submits and checks their emails for registration approval. One may be needed to do a sample article which is submitted within the duration of 24 to 48 hours.

Acquiring a mentor- After registration, one is given a mentor who trains one to become an excellent writer. The mentor guides the biographer on the writing skills aiming for the learner to excel. The mentor goal is to point out your area of weakness and directs you how to plan your work.

Earning process- A biographer is asked to do a maximum of 10 unpaid assignments to influence the mentor his or her ripeness to do the paid apportion. After completion of the allocated ,one is being promoted to the next class where one earns as he or she learns making the writer to excel. This is incredible. On following the instructions, it is possible to get paid within 5 days.

Biographing has become source of income for many Kenyans leading to online cageyness market. Successful composers spend their time searching for writing jobs that best apt to their schedule paying them to their preferences. Most writing industries tries their best to provide their students with what they deserve as writers.

Kenyan writers conveniently get writing jobs posted in various writing industries sites. They decline the orders whenever they have other orders. Most Biographing industries are in search of academic writers to join their writing team. They explore for zealous and committed writers for their team in order to produce premium work for their punter.

The writer’s efforts are recognized by their various organizations. They competitively pay their writers in correspondence to their efforts rate. The administrators ensure the payment corresponds to the effort required to complete the task. This encourages the biographers to be industrious in their work and have a fantasy writing for their buyers.

Most organizations need their writers to meet the superbness of their buyers. The writing organizations requires buyer satisfactory on the writings handed to them thus prolonging the trust between.

Writers develops their gains through essaying academic papers anytime scheduled. There are extras for their consistent efforts in their work making their administrators happy for them. Most organizations require those individuals craving to earn what they merit. Biographers should be worth in valuing clients needs and be able to give them their warrant.

Writing jobs in Kenya is a field providing self-employment to many. This field is filled by all persons regardless of their age ranges, hobbies, and current employments. Gratefulness to the new internet technologies such as Faiba, in the country. You can compose anywhere in the country region if network connectivity is awesome. This has led to market openings to most internet service providers such as Safaricom, Faiba, Telkom, Airtel Kenya and more others wooing the buyers with unbeatable offers in this competitive market.

Most common Writing sites for Biographers

Falcon Writers

It is one of the best for composers. The writer is given the freedom to chose what he or she wants. This site is being run by pros with high skills in the firm. They proudly offer best rates and periodically payments within a week. They also provide excellent extras for Biographers who have an excellent rating. Joining them is advantageous not only in payments but also highly trained.


This provides opportunities in composing and translations. The Biographers posts their work and gives the buyer the opportunity to choose. It pays hourly, weekly or per assigned work.


This is considered the best and largest and is globally used in most continents. Its open doors for all the writers regardless of their kinds of jobs and employs them.


This hires unexperienced writers and connects them to their buyers. The Biographers are supposed to deliver their assigned work in time after which the organization considers employing their Biographers fully or partly. It is most commonly for beginners.


This site posts their work required by various clients waiting for a negotiation price with the writer who feel he or she can write the article. It pays hourly or fixed rate through Mpesa.


They provide works from buyer from all the fields. The payments are protected and guaranteed.

You can be an excellent writer. It only requires desire. Do not sit there wondering where employment will come from. Here is an opportunity where you work from anywhere.


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