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How to make money online for free


11 easy ways to make money free online

  • Taking part in online surveys’ this is probably one of the most famous ways of making extra bucks online. Online surveys are conducted by different survey companies and websites targeting different groups of people. The target group could be an age group, a consumer group, or even a bunch of gamers. Generally, a survey can simply target anyone.

Surveys are classified into paid surveys and free surveys. In both, you do not pay anything to be part of them. The difference is in the fact that one pays you and in the other, you do not get paid.

There are many companies all over the world engaged in paid surveys and your choice will depend on which works best for you. Some of the best include Swag bucks, Opinion Outpost, Inbox Pounds, etc.

This idea has been largely developed by Qmee.com which rewards when you search on different platforms such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Bing, and Yahoo. The sign up is free and you will have the option of getting your rewards either donated to charity or paid into your PayPal account.

  • Free bets- another interesting way to make money online for free. Generally, we pay betting companies to make sporting bets and other bets on their sites. However, there are companies especially if you live in Unite Kingdome, that offer you free bets. They offer you an opportunity to do match betting where you bet for and against specific outcomes. One must be 18 years ad above to take part in this kind of betting.
  • Reviewing apps and websites- reviews are a way of telling the developers of what is good or wrong with their sites or even apps. Your reviews on websites ad apps can help you make money for free online. A platform such as UserTesting.com gives you an opportunity to write your review and get paid. This is a few minutes affair but well paying. Want to give it a trial? Sign up for free and start making some extra money for free online.
  • Kindle eBook writing and publishing-passionate about writing non-fiction materials? This could be the key to your earning extra money for free online. After writing, you will need to list the book with the Amazon Kindle store which offers you a worldwide market place. When your book sells, you receive 70% from the sale.

As you plan to write your book, ensure you research well, and create materials that are of value and with catchy titles, cover designs, and content.

A great cover and a thrilling title a great first-time impression while impressive well-researched content keeps the reader glued to your work while at the same time raising curiosity to not only purchase your book but also to familiarize yourself with the concepts you are putting forward.

  • Making commissions from affiliate marketing- this will require you to have a well-established presence online on social media platforms or probably be running a blog or perhaps a website. The idea is, you will use these platforms to promote different products, offers, and services offered by different companies.

When you sign up for this kind of marketing, you receive a link which you use to invite friends and other people to check what is being offered by different merchants. Your commissions will be earned when anyone purchases their products or services using your link. The more people use your link, the more commission you earn. You will however need some sign up where you get your link. This can be done through a site like the Awin network.

  • Making money by selling your old gadgets such as tablets and phones- many homes have a number of old phones and other gadgets lying idle either broken or simply replaced with newer phones. You can make some money free by selling these gadgets online through websites such as Giffgaf recycle, EE Recycle, and many others. Some will buy fully functional items while others will buy broken ones and repair them. These phones are refurbished and re-sold as refurbished gadgets.
  • Selling of second-hand books- this mainly applies to students. After one academic year, you can stock up your course books and those of your friends and resell them online to fresh students who need them. This can be achieved by listing them n Amazon.
  • Become an online tutor-traditionally, tutorship was done one on one and physically. However, with the rise of demand for online tutors, different online sites for tutors have been developed. These sites allow you to offer your unique skills to different clients and get paid per hour. This presents you with another amazing way to make some extra money for free online.
  • Selling catchy unique photos- photography is a passion for many people. Your photos could earn you an extra dollar when traded. Sites such as Adobe stock you to upload your photos and get paid depending on the demand. The photos can be from your phone or even a camera. Just ensure that the click is attractive enough.
  • Freelancer article writer and content creator. This is another major way where people are cashing in from the numerous writing opportunities that are available online. You can sell your skills by writing articles for blogs, different websites, and clients. Some sites that offer these services include and are not limited to up work.

One major advantage of the above options

The above ways you an opportunity to make money without the worry of large startup capital that has always been a major hindrance. Start small and give yourself time to keep growing up the ladder.


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