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How to make money online in Kenya through M-Pesa


This article discusses the various ways that can be employed to make money online through M-Pesa, here in Kenya.

  1. Online Surveys

To remain relevant and in business, companies occasionally conduct online surveys since this gives them a better chance of interacting with a reasonable percentage of their customers. A company may set out to get customer feedback on a new product that they released into the market and any suggestions or opinions they may have towards improving the product so it meets the needs of the target market.

Companies can also survey in a bid to make decisions surrounding the price of a product or thoughts on a tentative upgrade. The company can also use the survey to collect unbiased data on the behaviors and attitudes of customers around product usage, customer awareness, and product satisfaction.

One of the ways you can make money in Kenya is through participating in these surveys. Companies allocate a lot of money towards research and marketing since this is the lifeline upon which the company stays in business. The company prepares a set of questions to which you respond honestly per the best of your ability. You are then compensated for your time and feedback. The payments are sometimes done through M-Pesa.

  • Article Writing

Articles are pieces of writing intended for a large audience. The articles may offer suggestions and pieces of advice, or even discuss technical topics. For this reason, articles are written so they may be published in newspapers, magazines, journals, or even websites. This, therefore, creates an opportunity for freelance writers to provide their services for those who need the articles but do not have the time or the know-how of writing captivating articles.

Article writing requires patience, resolve, and consistency in delivering quality work which contributes significantly to your portfolio of work. The more articles you write, the higher your chances are of getting more jobs since customer reviews vouch for your credibility.

There are various sites where jobs are posted and interested parties bid for jobs. Once you submit your work and the client is content, payment is processed and the money can be withdrawn via M-Pesa.

  • Research Work

Research involves the collection, organization, and analysis of information to increase understanding of a topic or issue. We can research to build up knowledge on a past topic or a new topic altogether. For companies, research gives them a competitive edge over their competitors since they can produce superior products to those of the competition.

Participating in research work not only benefits you financially when you earn from it but also equips you with knowledge about the world and skills to survive and improve your life. You also get to participate in improving processes and products by researching possible improvements and how these improvements can be implemented.

  • Online Marketing Influencer

Online marketing specifically works for those who are very active on their social media handles, that is, Instagram and Facebook. You also need to have a decent following on these platforms so you can influence a bigger population.

Online marketing influencing involves recommending products to your followers. As companies transition from old marketing strategies and embrace new strategies, endless marketing opportunities are created where payments can be made via Mpesa.

  • Transcription
White laptop and headphenes on table, a concept for transcription, music services and others.

This is where you convert speech into a written or electronic document. The recordings for transcription can be in different media files which are then stored either in a hard drive or uploaded on cloud storage. Because these media files can easily be shared via email or discs mailed, transcribing allows you to work from home.

The types of transcriptions include but are not limited to interview transcription and medical transcription. Examples of interviews are legal interviews, business interviews, and research interviews to mention but a few.

Transcription enables you to translate a sophisticated foreign language into a simpler language that can easily be understood by the users of the transcribed material. Depending on the site used, you can easily receive your remuneration via mpesa.

  • Selling Digital Products

You can easily create an e-book that focuses on solving a specific problem that many people struggle with. You can choose from a range of topics from technical topics such as solving trigonometric functions in Calculus, to booking a holiday with your favorite travel agency.

Creating content requires that you learn more about the problems people have and offer solutions. You can talk to your friends and ask what challenges they face then document the solutions that you come up with.

These e-books can be sold and payments remitted via mpesa. Also, once you publish the e-book, it continues to earn a passive income for you, all of which can be paid through M-Pesa.

  • Affiliate Marketing

This is where your earnings are pegged on the number of customers who purchase a product through your marketing efforts as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing leverages the abilities of a variety of individuals for a more effective marketing strategy while providing contributors with a share of the profits. The commission can be paid through M-Pesa.

Like online marketing, affiliate marketing works best when you have a decent following on your social media platforms. You should also be careful to connect yourself with a great product or service since as an affiliate marketer, you act as an ambassador for a product. The product will, therefore, either build or destroy your brand.

There are very many platforms through which you can make money online via M-Pesa. The key is to choose a niche and consistently work on your craft. The better you become, the more rewarding your trade will be.


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