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Academic sites that are hiring freelance writers


These sites identify the qualifications and expertise of a writer.

Characteristics of academic sites

  • Authoritative – they identify the qualifications and expertise of a writer. Sources written by experts are more reliable
  • Peer-reviewed – written articles are reviewed by a panel of referees for purposes of maximizing accuracy.
  • Objective – academic sources do examine a topic fairly and consider alternative positions on a topic.
  • Written for academics – their target is individuals interested in the theoretical side of a topic such as students, lecturers among others.
  • Source – academic sites are always careful to credit the origin of ideas and information, usually means of a reference list on bibliography.

Advantages of academic sites

  • Professional accomplishment – academic sites provide a platform for one to showcase their accomplishments.
  • Accessibility – It makes it easy for colleagues and other people to find you and also get to understand your work. It also enables people of different kinds to get in touch with you.
  • Understanding – academic sites make it easy for funders and publishers to get to know and understand the person they are working with since they need dedicated individuals to work with and promote their work.

This site showcases your interest in the importance of dissemination, and long term impact. It also helps one understand the impact of their work.

  • Long term connections – since your details are on the site, it means that people have somewhere to go back to and have a way to get in touch. Your accomplishments more so on projects will attract hirers in your direction.

Disadvantages of academic sites

  • No job security- In this case, work comes in the form of different projects that comes from one or multiple clients. One is not contracted to the client, which leads to the possibility of being jobless once one is done with a project, since their employer may not contact them further. Income also fluctuates from one month to another (could be low or high).
  • Messed up routines – the flexibility of choosing working hours may seem enticing though it can also mess up your daily schedules, due to working throughout the night till morning.
  • Unreasonable clients – likable clients are not easy to find. As an academic writer, your life mostly revolves around your client, and meeting their demands is always a top priority. A surprise late-night calls and assignment disapprovals should never be a surprise.

There is also no consideration of whether you are a student studying for exams or an office goer.

Isolation – for fulltime academic writers, working at home isolated from the rest of the world gets very lonely.

  •  Unequal compensation – employers set project prices according to their will. You might earn a lot for a small project or a meager sum for a taxation project. The inconsistency in cash flow may also hamper you when it comes to paying bills.

Benefits of academic sites to a freelancer

  • Helps one develop strong writing skills through practice and writing as many academic works as possible.
  • Intellectual development – by solving a research problem, an individual can grow his sense of logic. The intellectual effort to produce research work also helps in brain development.
  • Discipline – academic sites teach people to write according to rules. This prompts one to get to understand the importance of following instructions hence promoting discipline in various directions. It helps a person to get to organize himself better.
  • It promotes proper time usage.
  • It helps in the disclosure of language skills.
  • For young academic freelancers, it promotes integrity and coherence of speech skills through reading, pronunciation, and writing.
  • It helps the writer find the priority for admission to higher education and registration of a working resume.

Disadvantages of academic sites to a freelancer

  • Addiction and workaholism – an academic writer is always at a risk of getting addicted to bidding or writing. It becomes difficult to live without the constant virtual reassurance of their abilities. Without a constant flow of projects, they may feel stressed up and become depressed.
  • Knowing too much- through research, one gets to gain other people’s knowledge. The challenge is how to use this knowledge for the benefit of humanity.
  • Lack of job satisfaction, credit, and promotion – academic writers only get paid for their job. There is no reward or credit. If one’s motivation is based on bonuses, they may not feel completely satisfied with custom academic writing.
  • It is a subjective job – essays and academic writing are open to subjective analysis making it a tough job. They are open to interpretation and there is no right or wrong. Judgment and criticism should always be expected.
  • Frustrations and scam – not all writing companies are genuine. Some of them will promise to pay you and they don’t and before you realize it, you are scammed. Since there is no assurance of legally chasing fraudulent companies, it is best to careful when working on the internet to avoid losing money
  • Increase and decrease in workload – Academic writing is always unpredictable. It could come in plenty and at times it decreases. This means that one income will always fluctuate with time (could increase or decrease). For one looking for job security, it may not be the best option.
  • Unpredictable schedules and changes – this mostly refers to revision calls which are mostly not paid for. It does demoralize a writer since their time has been consumed.  Writing companies should respect writers for their expertise and negotiate a deal with their customers.

Working for an academic site is not always a walk in the park. It is advisable to choose a trustable and reliable site to be safe from scammers and frauds. It is also the responsibility of academic sites to protect its clients and ensure customer satisfaction.


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