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Best paying freelance writing jobs to do when stuck at home



It is worth noting that the freelance job chosen correlates to one’s career path and experience. This means you find a role that suits your lifestyle. You should do research before proceeding to choose it.The best paying freelance writing jobs to do when stuck at home include:

  1. Reporter

The primary duties of a reporter are:

  • Do a research for new stories
  • Write their findings for news publications whether online or physical

As a reporter there are endless categories to choose from whether sports or lifestyle, it is up to you.The requirement to be a reporter is a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Communications or related field. In this area you get to develop writing and editing skills and storytelling.

  1. Grant Writer

The key functions of a grant writer are:

  • Identification of key sources of funds
  • Writing a persuasive proposal as to why their organization or any other should be rewarded the funds

As a grant officer you are to follow the donor requirements when writing an application. One can become a grant officer either through:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Technical writing, English, Communications or related field
  • Course work or a degree in a discipline related to the sector
  1. Columnist

A columnist usually:

  • Share their opinion on matters such as fashion and politics on newspapers and online publication
  • Write books and share their opinions on radio programmes

As one of the best paying freelance writing jobs to do when stuck at home it only requires an individual to earn a degree in English, Journalism or related field.

  1. Communications Officer

The key duties are:

  • Go through their employer’s marketing and branding guidelines
  • Writing promotional content based on the guidelines

The basic requirements are:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Public Relations or another related field.
  • For some, a relevant experience is expected
  1. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager you are required to do the following:

  • Develop a social media strategy for their clients within the guidelines.
  • Engage their followers with comments and posts
  • Optimization of content development to target new and current followers by use of analysis tracking tools

The requirements you need to meet include:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations or a related field
  • A command in a variety of social media platforms
  • Experience or entry-level depending on employer’s needs
  1. Communications Specialist

The major tasks that are undertaken by the Communication Specialist:

  • He/She Checks and coordinates corporate and marketing materials. This entails removal of error,ensuring it is factual and written in the employer’s tone and voice. It is normally done before distribution.
  • They also a key part of the writing process

The basic requirements are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Marketing, Technical Writing or related field.
  • Possess excellent editing skills and content organization.
  1. Advertising Manager

As an Advertising Manager you are required to:

  • Write Marketing plans for clients
  • Work together with other creatives to create company advertisement
  • Develop content with the art departments and copywriters

The requirements that are needed to work as an Advertising Manager include:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Public Relations or a related discipline
  • A relevant experience in copywriting and advertising as will be useful in content creation
  • A leadership experience
  1. Copywriter

Copywriters rely on their persuasive skills to convince customers to purchase business products. They do this by copying a variety of materials and mediums that includes social media and websites.

As a copywriter you either have had to:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree English, Journalism or related field.
  • Have amassed a good portfolio of experience based on their written work
  • Possess skills storytelling and customer engagement
  1. Public Relations Manager

The functions of a Public Relations Manager include:

  • Protect the positive Image of their clients. They do this countering public negativity and writing press releases and speeches.
  • Encourage other writer to do positive segments on their clients

The requirements to qualify as a Public Relations Manager:

  •  A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Business, Communications or another related discipline
  • Others enhance their practice and potential by gaining a Masters in the field
  1.  Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant basically performs administrative duties for an executive. They include:

  • Writing of thank you notes to clients and also briefs
  • Preparation of documents to be used in reports

People preferred for this position usually have met the requirements of:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field
  • A whole load of experience with a GED or diploma for high school or associate degree
  1. Content Marketer

A Content Marketer usually write branded articles that include:

  • Blog posts
  • Web Series Scripts
  • Social Media Posts

The general gits of such articles is that they are centered around a business or subtle mentions.

As a content marketer you have to :

  •  Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Writing, Marketing, Communications or a related field
  • Have a respectable portfolio of work done
  1. Proposal Writer

The two major tasks of a Proposal Writer include:

  • Assessment of proposals issued by businesses
  • Preparation of persuasive written proposal to help clients secure contracts

Basically a proposal writer usually should either:

  • Possess a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Journalism, Communications or another related field.
  • Complete course work in their specific proposal project whether Business or health care.
  1. Content Strategist

The key goal of a content strategist is content development,creation and Management.

This involves a familiarity in Search Engine Optimization and Website Analytics to acquire data.

To work in this job you need:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Marketing or a related field
  • Relevant Experience campaign planning, doing market research and analytics application to creating content.
  1. Professor

The major tasks that are performed by a professor include:

  • Giving lectures to university students
  • Writing lesson plans
  • Doing independent research and posting findings on academic journals
  • Writing grant proposals to secure funds for their research

Most professors have a doctorate in a field they are lecturing.

Those are some of the best paying freelance writing jobs to do when stuck at home. They are flexible and once you set your sights on your speciality then its a piece of cake.


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